Side Access Housing

ashrae housings

ASHRAE Housings

AAF offers a variety of side access ASHRAE filter housings for use with air handling equipment. All AAF air filter housings offer the convenience of servicing the filters from outside the air duct. All AAF housings were designed for HVAC installations with limited headroom.


Bag In / Bag Out

The Bag In/Bag Out filter system is the solution to safety related hazardous air quality problems. It provides both high efficiency air cleaning and a safe and reliable method for dealing with filters and housings with hazardous contaminants.


AstroSeal Type S

Designed to meet the stringent requirements of HEPA filter applications, AstroSeal Type S housings are engineered to perform reliably even in the toughest environments.


Vee-Bank Prefilter

The Side Access Vee-Bank filter housing is engineered for use with air handling units or other side access equipment. It offers the convenience of servicing the filter from outside the air duct and is especially suited for installations involving limited headroom.