High Temperature Applications (Biofuel, Syngas)

AAF's standard designs can be customized to fit your process needs where maintaining gas temperatures above 700°F.

For this unique application, lower Air to Cloth ratios (A/C) are utilized as well as lower can velocities. Insulation for the baghouse is utilized to maintain the temperature above the dew point. Additionally, explosion vents are used due to the combustive nature of the exhaust gas. High temperature cleaning valves are used with Nitrogen as the cleaning gas, which is supplied at a lower pressure.

Recommended Products

fabripulse XLC

Baghouse (FabriPulse XLC)

This pulse jet type cleaning baghouse is highly efficient and designed for on-line maintenance.

Amer Therm

Amer Therm

This reverse air type cleaning baghouse is designed for suction, positive pressure and on-line maintenance.