Dry Collector

optiflo cartridge

OptiFlo Cartridge Collector

The AAF OptiFlo cartridge collector is the optimum solution to a variety of in-plant air pollution problems. The compact modules help conserve valuable space, and can be interconnected to accommodate the largest air cleaning task. OptiFlo collectors may be tailored to specific application requirements with a wide selection of cartridge types, options, and accessories.



The AAF Millennium fabric dust collector is a heavy duty baghouse designed to meet the ever increasing demands for higher quality air. The Millennium baghouses provide high efficiency air cleaning on the most difficult dry dust collection applications. Intended for outdoor use, it provides the most cost effective way of cleaning heavy dust concentrations from large exhaust air volumes.

design m

Design B FabriPulse

FabriPulse Model B can be used in applications in which dust and gas conditions allow dry collection. This could be nuisance venting, product collection oe as an integral part of a process in, for example, the chemical, fertilizer, cement, coal, foundry, steel, food, woodo or pharmaceutical industries.

design m

Design M FabriPulse

The AAF Design M FabriPulse is a unique, front access baghouse that lends itself to in-plant use for cleaning up even the most difficult air pollution problems. The Design M FabriPulse provides high efficiency air cleaning for applications that require low headroom and compact filter sizes. Filter change-out is quick and easy with the unique filter bag assembly in lengths of four or six feet.


FabriPak II

The FabriPak II is a pulse jet dust collector using compressed air to automatically clean the filter media. Wide range of sizes. Depending on the required application, the FabriPak II is available in three configurations

arrest all


The AAF ArrestAll shaker collector is an inexpensive solution for small and medium intermittent air pollution problems. This fully self contained dust collector provides high efficiency air cleaning on intermittent dry dust collection applications such as those found in grinding and woodworking operations. It is economical to operate, easy to maintain, and requires minimum floor space.

optiflo dustcatcher

OptiFlo DustCatcher

The AAF DustCatcher offers all of the advantages of a tough industrial quality high efficiency cartridge dust collector in a small, attractive package. This fully self contained dust collector provides high efficiency air cleaning on the most difficult dry dust applications.



The AAF Cyclone can be used as the primary collector with or without the optional after filter, or use it as a pre-cleaner for any of AAF's more efficient final collectors such as the ArrestAll, OptiFlo or Design M FabriPulse.


OptiFlo WFE 150 & WFE 300 Carbo

The AAF WFE 150 and WFE 300 Carbo Portable Weld Fume Extractors are self-contained, portable units that capture welding smoke and fume at the source.